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General rules

  1. A summary of the work will be forwarded whose maximum length does not exceed 300 words (no tables, graphs, or figures) stating the authors, workplace and e-mail.
  2. The summary has to be sent by e-mail before May 20, 2017, to:
  3.  Acceptance or rejection of the work will be notified by e-mail to the authors before May 31, 2017.
  4.  Accepted works will be exposed in space and time for the purpose.
  5.  Works will be accepted in Spanish or English


  1. Defining the challenge or problem that is resolved or improved (why)
  2. Description of innovation (what)
  3. Description of the implementation (how)
  4. Results obtained
  5. Lessons learned: (what to do and what not)
  6. Approach of the following
  7. Links (references / links) if necessary

Acceptance of communications

Accepted papers will be included in the following list, which will be updated periodically. Remember that to submit a communication is an essential requirement to be registered at the congress.

Acceptance of communications ORGANIZATION POSTER
Desarrollo de la herramienta rehand como solución al abordaje de la mano traumatológica Rehand  document_check
N Larburu Advanced Clinical Decision Support Systems Beyond Clinical Guidelines  Vicomtech-IK4
Desarrollo de la herramienta web KUDELEQ diseñada para la gestión global de la lista espera quirúrgica.  OSI Araba  document_check
Inminencia de la informacion en la percepcion del sistema sanitario del paciente empoderado – El Big Data y su nueva episteme.  EHU  document_check
Rosa – Humana Brain Clínica Humana  document_check
Mejora de la eficiencia en la provisión de tiras reactivas Vallcarca  document_check
Post Operation Recovery Smart Health Monitoring Doctodoor  document_check
 Conceptualizing digital products in the health sector – the potential of the cooperation between health professionals and design education Mondragon Unibertsitatea  document_check
FRED- Aplicación Exergame para prevenir la fragilidad ehealthdonostia Emankor  document_check
Ayuda a la poblacion para la realización de RCP Emergencias Osakidetza. Informática Osakidetza. Departamento de Salud  document_check
Orden médica via TETRA a los SVAE en emergentziak Emergentziak Osakidetza  document_check
 Advancing Care Coordination and Telehealth (CC&TH) deployment at Scale  Kronikgune y Osakidetza  document_check
 Desarrollo de una guía para el análisis contextual de los requisitos de madurez para la adopción de Buenas Prácticas en Europa  Kronikgune y Osakidetza document_check
 La transformación digital en las organizaciones sanitarias  Marina Salud
 Itinerario en el sector Barbastro  Aragon Salud  document_check
 Mastermind  Aragon Salud  document_check
 Presentación Proyecto Polycare  Aragon Salud  document_check
 Rich Client vs Html client  Werfen  document_check