Innovation is a central factor to approach the continuous change that suffers the health care system.  It can add value to the users and help with the economic, societal and environmental sustainability.

In this context, eHealth can be an opportunity. It can facilitate the coordinated management of the care processes, communication among professionals, participation, integrated care and patient empowerment.

The treatment of the clinical data through machine learning techniques will permit in the next years important advances in the knowledge of various areas related to health and care systems, helping to take more adequate and efficient better decisions

The development of the Internet of Things will facilitate as well the individual care to every patient in his own setting.

For this reason, this international meeting has been created among clinicians, managers, IT companies, university, patients and in general, people interested in a Congress, that pretends, with the participation and collaboration of all discuss, learn, and generate knowledge and innovation useful for society.


Marisa Merino

Congress Chair

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