Introduction 2020

Digital Health is a reality in our environment. However, there is still a lot to be done. We must reflect on whether the current scenario is adapted to the current and future needs of users, and what could be the most appropriate strategies to face the challenges of health in the coming years. For this reason, the following decalogue of challenges has been proposed for the advancement of the digital transformation in health:

1. Independent Digital Health Agency
2. Reorganization of information
3. The patient as the central axis
4. Chronic disease care
5. New clinical history systems
6. Diagnostic imaging
7. Digital pathology
8. Telemedicine
9. Advanced Data Analysis, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence
10. Open Data

This Decalogue has an impact on three main areas of action: people care, the data revolution and the opportunity to manage medical images. All
this will be discussed at the Digital Health Congress in San Sebastián which, as every year, will bring together health professionals, managers,
technology companies, universities, patients and anyone interested in the subject.

Digital transformation is a necessity, but it is also a big opportunity. If we all work in the same direction, we can move towards a health based on
value, efficient and sustainable. Do we accept the challenge?

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